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Portfolio Introduction

I design inclusively. I enable visual design to follow a great User Experience, not to lead a poor one.

If you only want to see screen-grabs of beautiful homepages, then you may be better off looking for a Creative Designer? If you are serious about your customers' experience of your products, brand, and values, then stick around and explore. I am the User and Universal Experience designer you are looking for.

Fashionable visual and interaction design has polluted the experience of our Web. Think of content and experience as others might a river: yes, water runs down it, but where's the life and use in it? Why is it difficult to get there and murky when we do?

There's more to experiencing the Web than just looking at it.

What I am About

What is important is the design thinking; the knowledge that invites inclusivity and allows visual design to follow a great user experience, not to lead a poor one.

My design philosophy is to get the content and architectural basics right: then to add visual decoration. Web users are not all visual: not everyone experiences or comprehends in the same way that you might.  Great digital design is about inclusively encouraging curiosity, fostering trust, and enabling our users to experience learning too.

Our inclusive user interface (UI) must first be inherently accessible, usable, learnable, and useful to all our users. Visual cues communicate, complement, and even ignite the design but not all of our users can perceive them.

  • Our users must be orientated to the task you or they want to achieve.
  • Content must be accessible, legible, and understood by the target reader regardless of the browsing technology or preferences.
  • Forms should be easy and intuitive to complete - risk-free.
  • Videos and audio content must have usable alternative content access strategies that all our users can use inclusively and without special skills or equipment.
  • Content should print without waste.

An inclusive philosophy is the least expensive and takes least effort, yet it is the most compromised and abused.

My Background

My background is education and clinical excellence: then eLearning; and finally User Experience (UX), which fully draws on my background experience. We don't only experience the Web: we learn from it. So let's not waste our users' precious effort on learning how to interact with your pages but instead, let's apply them to the serious business of achieving your enterprise's objectives.

I have a passion for how people learn; what they expect; and the human computer interaction (HCI) to facilitate each. Evidence drives my practice: I want to know what our users need, what our enterprise wants, and the best strategies to present a pathway for each. Win-win.

What I Do

What do I do?

Spare Time?New Content

What I did for 5-years at HMHNew Content


Follow the links to read accounts of my work that show the diversity of roles, experience, and knowledge gained over the past five years. I'm adding more as time allows.