The perfect website is not just buttons, bells, and whistles. If your great website design isn't a great success then Experience Learning Too!

How may I help you?

As Experience Learning Too, Pat Godfrey applies his experience of eLearning product and platform design to give valuable insight on how your website can improve your return on your investment.

Pat’s inspirational leadership and consultation is available throughout your digital products' life cycle. The universal experience of your services and brand is improved by one or more of Pat’s specialist services:

  • LD
    Learning design
  • IxD
    Interaction design
  • UX
    User Experience design
  • IA
    Information Architecture
  • CD
    Creative design

Experience Learning Too (Ireland) is evolved from Learning Too Limited (UK): the same Pat Godfrey, the same patter, and the same great experience!

Pat understands how people learn and has respect for who, what, and where your customers are as well as when and how they access your digital services. Pat’s customer-first approach gives him an edge in the emerging field of user experience design. He supports your customers’ own environment, their wants, needs, and goals - not with some scalped statistical bell-curve or fashionable layout, but with insight and intelligence from your real customers.


Pat researches your customer and your business objectives, compares competitors’ approaches, and tests and indicates the often subtle changes required to improve your digital product using wireframes, prototypes, and specifications your team can follow or adapt easily.

Pat can create simple websites but he is not a web developer. If you need more advanced web development support then Pat will indicate a strategy for you to consider and help you to find a suitable industry partner to meet your and your customers' needs.

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Experience Learning Too

Enjoy the benefits of enabling your digital product customers, learners, and platform users to Experience Learning Too!

Pat Godfrey's consultancy in web, app, and eLearning User Experience (UX), Interaction Design (IxD), and Learning Design (LD) is embedded on site with your agile teams in Europe or consulting remotely from the XLT Digital Studio in Ireland.

Enable your digital product users to Experience Learning Too. Benefit from accurate transactions, less support calls, more sales.

For business start-ups and owners of existing solutions, an independent review of your products from your customers' digital viewpoint will find areas to improve and strategies for success.

Add value to your customers's universal experience of your brand, strategies, and solutions. Stay ahead of the competition. Optimise your emerging and existing digital solutions; align them to how your customers think, learn, and act. Make transactions accessible, usable, learnable, and engaging.

Benefit from supporting your customers, staff, and business:

  • Provide usable, accessible, and safe digital environments.
  • Signpost intuitive pathways through processes or study.
  • Orient your digital space, products, and services to the way your customers think, learn, and act.
  • Promote engagement with your content.
  • Organise content semantically using information architectures to inform, engage, and enthuse.
  • Ensure effective and people-first interaction from analysis to evaluation.
  • Reduce cognitive overload and motor effort; make space for decision making and creating a 'sticky' environment in which to complete transactions.

Why do great websites work?

There probably isn’t anything ‘wrong’ with your website? It probably has all the bells, whistles, and other gadgets to push your business message. But does it connect with your customers?

A great website must be accessible, usable, learnable, and engage the customer’s journey with your own.


It’s very difficult to gauge your own website’s appeal objectively and your competitors are unlikely to share their recipes for success? You may be too close to the design or you may even be entirely separated from it while a partner or agency builds you their colourful “solutions” with (now degraded) search engine optimisation (SEO) and youth-zen chroma guaranteed?

The greatest websites most often have large teams design them. Each role has a part to play in producing great design for their customers. It is not the size of a team that matters but the range of skills demonstrated.

Teams may include up to 30 people, roles, or skills including (product owners, producers, project managers, business analysts, creative and graphic designers, technology managers, web developers, app developers, authors, copyeditors, learning designers, interaction designers, user experience designers, marketing specialists, copyright specialists, media managers, and possibly many more top professionals required to manage or keep safe their business).

On the other hand, perhaps great websites only feature something on their website because they haven’t changed it yet?

In some teams the creative designer is the user experience lead although this is rightly becoming an outdated model as the meaning of user experience matures from the visual to the process level. User experience is not about beautiful output (although the value of good Creative Design cannot be overstated), but is about your customers’ pathways and how they interact with your business’ journey. It's about the Learning Too.

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Can a modest budget work?

If your budget is modest then what are you to do? You may not need a new website but only to think about Learning Too?

One option is to engage with a small website design company. But these often only offer templates that your content is squeezed in to like Cinderella’s shoe. Are you Cinderella?


Any small team comprising only a creative or graphic designer and a web developer is going to fail to deliver the quality of website content that the larger teams can produce. And if you work on your own…you could be courting disaster?

And this is where Pat Godfrey can help you by consulting with you, your customers, and with your website design vendor to ensure the very best user experience.

Evolution is kinder than revolution so your budget and time doesn't need draining all at once. Pat Godfrey can evolve your digital products strategically over time and as your budget allows. For example: advising on how to improve accessibility and visual impact; how to optimise the information architecture; and how to make copy texts easy to read and to access.

Pat is also able to help you set up your own modest but engaging, accessible, usable, and learnable poster website or to coach you in the very basic skills required to set up competently on your own.

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What is user experience?

User Experience isn’t all about creating universal personas from scalped statistics and bell curves or flattening out buttons. It is about creating a useful relationship that shares our journey, story, and goals with our customers in an accessible, usable, and learnable way.

Even large production teams may sometimes overlook where your customers' journey begins or how to signpost its progress. This journey is called the User Experience.


A successful website should be designed to offer your customer a great user experience. Unfortunately, no matter what clever technologies and bright graphics are behind a beautiful website, if it doesn’t engage with your customer by design then the chances are that it is not an optimal experience.

A website is a part of our users’ personal eco-system but many designs seem to force their business systems on to our users. A great website campaign pulls our customers into it and lets our customers pull from it at their own pace. Remember, it's about the Learning Too.

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More insight

The Importance of Usability

"Usability is a vital aspect to IT design, and the application of human computer interaction, interaction design and human factors methods can improve the rates of IT acceptance in every age group, every culture and every profession."


"When emerging applications have good interaction design, they are used more readily by the whole population, but more importantly, perhaps, provide a supportive and enabling environment for less able users."
"As more and more applications are made available on a variety of mobile devices, the use of robust usability criteria is essential to make them accessible to anyone wanting to use them."

, University of Portsmouth

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The Importance of Accessibility

"Web accessibility also benefits people without disabilities. For example, a key principle of Web accessibility is designing Web sites and software that are flexible to meet different user needs, preferences, and situations."


"Web accessibility means that people with disabilities can use the Web. More specifically, Web accessibility means that people with disabilities can perceive, understand, navigate, and interact with the Web, and that they can contribute to the Web. Web accessibility also benefits others, including older people with changing abilities due to aging."

, World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

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User Experience Uncovered

"Every day, you use bad products. Websites that don't make sense. Doors that open the wrong way. Things built the easy way or cheap way, rather than the right way."


“…big companies employ mediocre designers as well as excellent ones. There’s no guarantee that a solution is right just because it’s on a famous website. It might just be there because no one got around to changing it.”

P.2, P.118, Bowles, C. and Box, J, 

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Experience Learning Too Limited delivers design services on-site or remotely across Ireland, UK, and Europe and remotely to the rest of our digital World.

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